Celebrate Christmas time @omnikbh


Through November, December, and January, Omni welcomes you to our beautiful space. You can have a glass of glögg saying Merry Christmas to your colleagues before holidays or share a delicate Christmas lunch in intimate company.


The experience at Omni is always created together with you however, here are a couple of examples of what we can offer.


Wishing your colleagues a Merry Christmas - 95 kr.

  • A glass of white glögg with an absinthe base. 
  • A snack of your choice


Christmas Lunch 195 kr.

  • White marinated herring with curry mayonnaise salad
  • Christmas style marinated herring garnished with raw onions and pickles
  • Gravlax salmon with housemade mustard cream
  • Old school chicken salad with mushrooms and bacon

Side orders

  • Ris á la mande with cherry sauce 65 kr.
  • A glass of white glögg with an absinthe base 65 kr.


    Let’s talk further at omni@omnikbh.com 


    We are fully living up to the corona restrictions and are able to provide you a safe experience.

    - Due to that restrictions we can host groups of up to 10 people

    - We have limited our total capacity to 30 people

    - We have sanitizer for your disposal

    - Our employees keep a good hygiene

    Collage by @roxyroxy




    Opening hours (until November, 30th):

    Monday to Wednesday 12 - 20

    Thursday and Friday 12 - 22

    Dronningens Tværgade 52, st

    1302 København K

    +45 4256 1302